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  • A new frameless shower door installation can add more to the resale value of your home then the actual cost of the installation. is an excellent site for design ideas- search for "frameless shower doors" in the "Ideabooks" section. Or just check out my Houzz links, below.

  • Make sure your tile contractor puts a slight pitch on the curb to help with drainage. The curb is the "step" at the bottom of the enclosure- the surface of raised tile that you step over to enter the shower.

  • Keep your new shower doors looking great for years- apply a protective coating of Rain X to prevent calcium build up from hard water. It should be applied every couple of months.

  • Bathtub in your shower? Check out this article from Houzz. 

  • Click here for Houzz "Dream Shower" ideas.

  • Small bathroom? To see solutions from Houzz click here.

  • Never clean the glass door hardware with any abrasive cleaners, use a damp soft cloth instead. A foam cleaner works best on the glass.

  • Sometimes I get requests for frosted for the glass shower doors- my recommendation is to go with clear shower glass doors because frosted makes the room seem smaller while clear glass opens up the bathroom space.

  • Clear glass will show off the beautiful new tile you just purchased. But even clear glass has a slight green tint. If you would like perfectly clear glass, then Starphire glass is for you, but it costs 30% more then clear. Click here for a discussion of the pros and cons of Starphire.

  • Make sure your contractor uses mildew resistant silicone caulk. The bathroom is a very high moisture environment and black mildew around your enclosure is not nice! We always use mildew resistant caulk.

  • Obviously the frameless shower door hardware should match the hardware in the bathroom. But what if you are not ordering the cabinets and frameless shower doors at the same time? We can match your existing cabinet hardware to the shower door hardware. We can match the finish, color and style.

  • Ladder pulls are very popular and now they come in smaller styles which can be used on your new shower glass door.

  • As per building code, the frameless shower glass door must always open outward (or both ways, but never inward only) so first responders can get someone out in an emergency. You would be surprised how many old installations I have seen where the glass shower door only opens inward!

  • The top of the shower door glass should be higher then the shower head for two reasons. One is visual- you shouldn't see the shower head. Two is practical- you don't want water spraying over the top of the enclosure!

  • Let's discuss Home Depot or Lowes as a source for your frameless shower door. Both companies have a very limited selection of standard sizes- the one size fits all approach won't give your bathroom that personalized, elegant look. For custom work you need a shop like mine- custom work is our speciality. We can size in increments as small as 2 inches. 

  • It is possible to order a custom frameless glass doors for showers from Home Depot and they will find a contractor to install it. But their contractors are expensive and it may not end up as much of a bargain as you think. You can also DIY (Do it Yourself). But you are responsible for the correct size unit and any leaks or problems after the installation. Home Depot is good for the very experienced DIY'er and only for standard sizes. When we do your frameless shower door project, we are responsible for the measuring, ordering, installation and everything in between! 

  • If you have any questions about a Shower Door installation, or any Glass and Mirror needs, please call 305-252-9488 or email me. We have installations all over South Florida but specialize in the Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay area.

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